I still remember the first few times I flew on a plane.

The sweaty palms. The racing heart. The darting eyes.

Young JP thought it was an anxiety attack!

“I’ll just sleep through take off”, I thought. Little did I know all of those feelings, all those nervous moments, all those take offs would lead to me catching the travel bug. One ride would lead to another which led to another which led to a longer one and an even longer one.

Now at 30 I like to be on a plane at least three times a year or it’s not a successful year. I have set travel goals and always looking for somewhere new to go.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds. I love to travel and I will spend my last dime (and yours) to do so. Money is not the main issue (but believe me it IS one. I’m far from rich). The four main focuses of my writing and concerns are:

Being plus-size.

Overweight, obese, fat CHUBBY (obviously my favorite), a true eater! Any person with hips and above a certain dress size understands all the stress that comes with loving to travel and being chubby. What clothes do you wear? What will they find appropriate there? Is it a fat friendly area? Do I have a middle seat? Will I be stuffed in however I’m traveling? Will I need a seat belt extender on the plane (probably the most embarrassing thing)

Being a single woman.

I have heard “Aren’t you scared to be a woman traveling alone?” multiple times than I can count. My easy answer is “Of course! But where does fear get me?” I am very safe and plan accordingly if I am traveling alone. I still take risks but calculated ones that I  feel that I can handle (ex: staying in an AirBNB across the country from anyone I know)

Being Black. 

Race is a social construct. However, we live in a society that you never know how you will be treated by the color of your skin. Racism and colorism happens everywhere. I need to be aware of where it is safe for me to travel often. What is the history of the country, state, city in regards to those with darker skin? I’m very brown. I’m not passing for anything other than races with strong melanin in their biology. And honestly, I couldn’t be more proud. Bring on the sun! Make me darker! (With a repeated application of sunscreen obviously).

Having naturally curly hair

As I stated, I’m a black woman. I have big curly hair. I have never worn a weave in my life and I’ve worn braids maybe twice ever. I have to continue to learn how do I take care of my hair on vacation. What happens if I run out of product? How much do I need to bring? How do I keep the curl in the weather, water, and activities I may partake in? It’s stressful!

I hope you continue to read and enjoy what this blog has to offer. I will share journal entries, stories, post-vacation lessons, and the clothes/products I can review.  You can find your topic of choice in the menu.

I appreciate the love and please please please comment! I love to hear from you all!


Until we meet again,


“The Chubby Traveler”