Goal 1: 50 States by 50

As I stated before, I will take some time to break down each goal for you. Tell you how it came about, how I plan to achieve it (if I have a plan) and the possible challenges I see for myself. This will really show you how intense some of my goals are and how serious I am about my travel…if you haven’t already picked up on it!

Goal 1

50 States by 50

Being born in America, I know a number of people in live their entire lives never leaving the 50 miles radius, let alone the country. As I struggle sometimes with my “American” identity (more conversation for another post), I identify as an a U.S. citizen and can’t take away what that means to who I am. That being said, I have only ever lived in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic area: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York. This structures how I see many things in my life. In 2011, I decided to travel to Phoenix, AZ for a conference and my world greatly shifted. Seeing natural sites that were new to me and meeting people from all over, I decided I NEEDED to see this country I am from. New Jersey is far from the definition of America so let me see it all.

Since I didn’t make this goal until I was in my twenties and had barely traveled leading up to it, I figured I’d need some time to reach this. And I enjoy easy-to-remember goals. Therefore, 50 states by 50!! As I write this post, I am currently 27 states at the age of 29.


I think I can achieve this goal before 50 but I know Alaska, Montana, and Hawaii will be my hardest. Mostly because Alaska and Hawaii are so far away and I don’t know anyone who lives there (and it’s expensive) and Montana because…what in the world is going to get me to Montana! Your suggestions are more than welcome!


How do you make travel more affordable? Have you traveled to a place without a plan? What did you do?? Comment away!

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