So I think it might be important to share some of my travel goals with you all so you know what you are getting yourself into. I’m well on my way with some but others will take some time. I think I have reasonable goals but I would love your insight or advice so please feel free to comment!


  1. 50 States by 50
  2. 6/7 Continents by 67
  3. 20 North American countries/territories before I travel to the “Great North”
  4. Visit at least 5 countries of the African continent
  5. See 5 European countries in one trip


simple enough right? Ha! I think it’s important that I break each goal down for you so please look for future posts and have at it posting in response!

What MIGHT be helpful for you all is for me to define how I define traveling:

  1. Must spend 3 or more hours in location: even the smallest of states/countries deserve 3 or more hours in it. You should spend at least the amount of time it would take to drive through it.
  2. Must have at least one meal: I believe in the one meal rule. Mostly because I’m chubby. I feel that’s the best way to people watch, see how their food defines the culture, get a sense of “if I lived here, how would I embrace the chubby”.
  3. Must take 1 picture: I am a visual learner and memory keeper. I must have a photo of a landmark, the food, the street, a selfie, SOMETHING to keep in the memory bank. Now over the years before I thought about goals and blogs, I wasn’t as serious about the picture requirement so some places might be missing the saved photo; however, I assure you that if it counted I took a picture. I just can’t find it to post it for y’all.


How do you all define that you have “traveled” somewhere? If you have a layover? If you drive through it? If you’ve taken a picture? I would love to hear more in the comments!


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