Goal 2: 6/7 Continents by 67

This next goal is one of my hardest I think. Plenty of people do it but I’m far behind in it:

Goal 2

6/7 Continents by 67


My junior  year of college, I decided that I did not want to graduate without studying abroad. I was scared because I had never left the East Coast, let alone the country. But where would a little chubby black girl from New Jersey go that would open her eyes and make for a life-altering experience? The answer: South Africa. After begging and pleading with financial aid, my grandfather, my parents, and my current employer, I scraped up enough money to pay for the trip and have spending money. A week before my trip, a major tragedy occurred in my family (I will explain in another post later) and I thought maybe it was best that I stay home. However, a good friend told me that this trip was part of my destiny and I HAD to go. I nodded in agreement and boarded the plane. The best decision I ever made.


So that brings me to current status of this goal. 2 continents. Now I know most people say ALL 7! But I honestly have NO desire to go to Antarctica. I can’t be the only one!! I don’t like the cold in the US, how am I gonna survive Antarctica! Nah, y’all can have that one! But I still have South America, Europe, Australia/Oceania, and Asia. I can 100% do this by 67…but will I is the question!


Please comment with reasons why you would want to go to Antarctica, what countries you went to in each continent, and/or the companies you used to coordinate the trips!

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