Goal 4: Visit 5 African Countries

Part of my identity that I haven’t divulged yet is that I am African-American…or just Black as I like to say. As part of a long history of being separated from my ancestor’s stories, I declared the fourth goal:


Goal 4

Visit at least 5 countries of the African continent

Better known as the “Motherland”, I believe that I would like to see the many things that Africa has to offer.  I have a strong internal connection to Africa and would like to see it. As stated before, I have been to South Africa and I currently plan on going to Kenya in 2018. But I still have 3 more countries to go.


A dream I have is to go to the countries that my ancestry.com results said I descend from:

21% Benin/Togo

15% Cameroon/Congo

12% Senegal

12% Ivory Coast/Ghana

11% Nigeria

I also have a strong interest on how African countries value the “chubby body” I have read different articles, think pieces, and experienced many feelings while in South Africa. America can be very against the chubby-bod but different cultures see it as healthy or attractive (well to a point). I’d love to see how hard it is for the chubbies of the world to shop.

Please comment with experiences you have had going to any of these countries,  if you have ancestry connected here or you have seen great travel plans to Africa! Also if you know more about the chubby African life, comment away!

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