Goal 5: 5 European countries in ONE trip

The last goal is possible I’m pretty sure. It will take serious discipline research and courage. Oh and money.


Goal 5

See 5 European countries in one trip

The hardest thing about this goal is that I haven’t been to Europe at all. I’ve never even started planning a trip there. I feel that it will always be pushed to the side for the other goals. UNLESS I have someone else in my life that is going and I say okay can I tag along to your trip. Europe has great food and great culture and I feel that I can be my true chubby self and eat my way through.

So my current status is 0 countries. HOWEVER there are goal countries that I want to visit either way:

  1. Ireland (My ancestry.com said I’m 9%)
  2. Greece (It’s beautiful and I work in Greek Life. Why not?)
  3. England (Just feels like a staple and I have a friend moving to London in August)
  4. Italy (Ummm because I’m chubby duh)
  5. France (I like crepes. That’s it)

Honorable Mentions: Spain, Netherlands, and Iceland


BUT the point of this goal is in ONE trip see 5 countries. So how can I see a country I really want to see but get in other countries with it? I feel like it will be crazy expensive. Can I do Ireland, England, France, Italy, and Greece ALL IN ONE trip? Maybe if I sell my right arm?


Comment below with your thoughts. Have you done multiple European countries on one trip? Is there a country I’m forgetting that I just HAVE to see? Do you know a cost efficient way to see more than one of my goal countries in one trip?

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