The Perfect Bathing Suit: Story 1

Now this is a topic that many, many women I know fret about leading into a vacation. The hardest thing is finding a bathing suit that is flattering but also practical for what you are doing. Are you swimming in the ocean? Make sure you boobs don’t fall out! Are you laying out to tan? Make sure you don’t give yourself weird looking tan lines with a strappy suit! Are you playing beach volleyball? Perhaps just wear a T-shirt. Do you wear a one-piece or two-piece? Are people still wearing tankinis? IT IS EXHAUSTING!! However, it is worse when you are plus-size. Take all the decisions you need to make…then cut your options of suits in half. Then take that and cut it in half again depending on your body shape. If you are a perfect hour-glass shape, more power to you! However, those of us with a little (or a lot) more fluffiness, this becomes one of the biggest stresses. However, in 2017 I decided to take chances and see what happens. That’s just what I did in shopping for Cancun, Mexico. I’ll tell you the story of each bathing suit at a time because…it was an adventure.


Leading into booking the trip, I knew I have two flattering one-piece bathing suits that still fit. They made my boobs look great and didn’t show off the belly. However, for some reason, KW [one of my traveling partners that you will come to love I’m sure] and I decided to agree to a yacht party, foam party, and beach party. All needing bathing suits, along with just time in the pool and beach in Mexico. STRESS ALERT! After spending on time on multiple websites, I decided on 3 suits. The first was a black one strap one-piece from Amazon (Click on picture if you’re interested in buying!!!):

Like many girls I know, I sent it to my 2 friends, KW and NP [my best friend who you will also get to know] and my ex. They all approved so it was packed. Now things I knew ahead of time: my boobs would pop out if I sneeze too hard. I had to be REALLY careful not to move too much or a belly roll will be exposed through the mesh. This meant it would be worn with shorts at the yacht party. I can find a seat and look cute. As seen below

IMG_1754                               IMG_1757

So practical and great. The hard part was I also ripped some of the mesh from the seam when I put it on. Now some of you might be thinking, “Doesn’t that mean it didn’t fit?” FIRST OF ALL I DON’T NEED YOUR NEGATIVITY! But more importantly, it really just means that people don’t make bathing suits from the woman who has to pull that fabric over big ol’ thighs and a booty for days. Especially if you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg! This purchase taught me a lesson: Cheaper doesn’t always work for The Chubby Traveler especially if you want an investment to wear it multiple times. I could have paid more and had stronger fabric/seams, a full bust for boobs larger than DD, and felt totally comfortable going all bathing suit. But it served its purpose!

Have you tried to shop for a bathing suit less than $25.00? Are you larger than a size 16 (US) in a bathing suit and struggle? Have you felt the struggles of ordering online from a popular site? COMMENT AWAY!

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