The Perfect Bathing Suit: Part 2

For all my fellow chubby travelers, we know the stress and pressure of finding a good bathing suit. Particularly one that is best for laying out, absorbing the sun and as I like to call it: “Collecting all the melanin I can”. This year, I decided to go out in a limb. In the new found love of the “fatkini” (a term that I really hate but I’ll take it), I bought my first bikini.

I searched the internet until I decided to land on Now searching through it all was difficult. I don’t love the search options that they have, but I could click on plus size and browse away. When looking for the right suit there are certain points of interest:
1. A top that will flatter my 44G boobs but also I won’t fall out at the slightest breeze.
2. A bottom that will cover the rolls but won’t look like I’m wearing a one piece anyway.
3. A flattering backside. I got alotta booty so even a normal highcut bottom can easily become a thong (which is fine but not the look I was going for).
4. A suit that won’t sit inside rolls or cut off any circulation.

That seems easy enough right? Ha! While it isn’t easy, it IS possible. And that’s all that matters. And then I found her. The Speedster Bikini
Speedester Bikini Model
It felt like it would cover my breasts however much I wanted it to while also show a little skin. The razorback also was appealing as I figured it would make for interesting tan lines but easy to fix…and it was on sale! I did not love the wait time for delivery (between 8-10 days) but it was well worth the wait:
Speedster Bikini 2
I enjoyed the fit and felt comfortable wearing it to the beach or pool. It was comfortable on my breasts and bottom. The zipper was strong and I felt comfortable swimming or relaxing in it. I even went in the ocean with it and the top and bottom didn’t slip. It cut a little lower on the stomach than I thought it was going to but I was okay with it. It made my comfortable enough to try to buy another bikini before my trip (see in future post).

I wore it to beach in Cancun and didn’t feel the need to keep my cover up on. My stomach was out but not in a way that I felt was too much or sloppy. I think this made me say Power to the Bikini! I can show a little tummy and still be confident…words I never would imagine saying before.

Have you struggled with whether to bikini or not? Are you into the “fatkini”? Does vacation give you a false sense of bathing suit courage? Please comment away!

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