The Perfect Bathing Suit: Part 3

So at this point, I’ve taken the risk of buying a 2 piece. My mind just kept saying, you’ll be in foreign country. Why not?!?! And in typical JP style, I continued to shop. I figured that a spent a good amount of money on the first bikini, let’s see if stores sell plus size bikinis for under $50 as they would any other smaller size. Well, I learned quickly that I wish really wishing big here. It was nearly impossible. It wasn’t until I wanted to buy new sneakers as well and went to that I found a possibility. The only way is to buy separates that are on sale. Now I will say that this is a little easier on multiple sites. I decided to try out a black top and pink bottom, knowing I could possibly buy other separates in the future that would go with it.


Now things to note on each piece. When it comes to looking for a good bikini top as a Chubby Traveler*, there are certain questions you have to determine for yourself:

  1. Do you want an underwire? (For me the answer is usually yes if its going to separate in the middle like a bra. If it’s solid then just have enough frabic that I’m not slipping out)
  2. How will it fit around your arms/shoulders? (This is always hard to answer when you are shopping online, you MIGHT have to take a risk until you try it on)
  3. How does it cut in the back? (I’m not into the string back because it gets caught in rolls OR it has no support for the heavy duty power my boobs have)
  4. Will it support you? (This is SO important. Especially with halter tops. Every plus size (or just big boobed) girl knows the pain of your neck holding up all the weight of your boobs and water for hours)


The result of this questions for me caused me to buy a high-neck top : Black Bikini Top



Now after all of that stress, WE STILL NEED A BOTTOM. The bottoms can be a little easier. Questions that need to be answered are:

  1. How much butt coverage do you want? (Not everyone is ready for all this jelly. I knew I would be at an adults only resort so a little cheek wouldn’t hurt anyone but more cheek showing means less fabric which can be nerve wrecking)
  2. How much belly coverage do you want? (The struggle of knowing you want high-waisted but not looking like you are still wearing a one-piece suit. My rule of thumb is it still needs to cover my belly button and cover the roll on top of the belly bottom, but comfortable with half of the tummy showing)
  3. How much thigh coverage do you want? (Now this can determine if you get a skirt looking bottom, boy shorts, high-cut. I’m cool with the thighs out for I know I want a regular bikini cut.)


The result for this was a tummy-slimmer high-waisted bikini bottom: Pink Bikini Bottom



I was able to get the order under $50 and felt completely comfortable in this. During the trip I wore it on the laziest day that I knew we’d just be swimming on the pool and laying out. I had to be cautious to not a get a lace patterned tan so I kept pulling the fabric down a little but all in all, I was a fan!




After this experience I think I can say I’m comfortable with one or two piece. I don’t think I’m yet in a place that I’d wear a two piece at a family function, party, or around someone I am trying to impress but I wear one for me and my comfort level, and that is the first step.



Please comment with stories of your bathing suit purchase woes. Have you tried something new this year? What are the questions you have to answer before you buy?

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