Home Sweet Home Part 2: Delaware

Dela what? Dela-who? DELA-WHERE!!!

In August of 2005, a young impressionable 18 year old woman moved into a very small single room at the University of Delaware. Little did she know that her life was to change….


When I moved to Delaware, I was well aware that I was moving far enough from home that my parents would not want to just “stop by” but close enough that I could go back whenever I needed or wanted. It seemed like the dream that way. I had always dreamed of moving to New York (funny) but somehow Delaware won my heart (and wallet-thanks Financial Aid) over. If you have never been to the Newark campus, please go visit. The beauty of campus is what really won me over.

UD Campus

Now I could spend this time telling you about what I did to spend the time…but who needs that? I’m a social person who made friends. UDelaware is close the Philadelphia and Baltimore and has plenty of restaurants lining Main Street to keep me busy. It is easy to gain Freshman Fifteen.


Delaware has plenty of beautiful and/or fun places to experience.

  • Apple picking at Milburn Orchards (technically that’s in Maryland but closer than most places in DE).
  • Shopping at Christiana Mall, which keeps growing, or the Rehoboth outlet stores.
  • The beaches are great. I personally like Lewes and Fenwick Island but all have their own niches.
  • If you chose to travel down state (or “slower lower” as the locals call it), you can experience the state fair in the summer as well as Pumpkin Chunkin and Frightland in the fall.

I personally loved the experience of a UD football game- and tailgate! Since I’ve left Delaware I haven’t missed a Homecoming.


I went to University of Delaware for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I like to say “UD’s so nice I had to do it twice!” Cheesy I know but I loved it. Delaware shaped me. While I was an undergrad I traveled for spring breaks and most importantly, I studied abroad. Traveling to South Africa shaped the Chubby Traveler you know today. In graduate school, I traveled to many more states and that is when I knew travel would be my passion always… “and to thine own self be true


Are you from Delaware? Ever been? What do you like to do? Are you someone who says where the heck is Delaware? COMMENT AWAY!


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