Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boo I am pooped! Woke up early (but not hungover), got breakfast and went to class. We did an ice breaker so I definitely know everyone’s name. Our class was boring but will learn a lot I hope. It’s just in a  lounge in the hotel lobby. SOCI/CRUJU: Crime and HIV/AIDS in South Africa is the class. We have to write a journal in the class too but it’s a different feel than this obviously.

Anyway, we then went to DeWildt Cheetah Reserve. We saw cheetahs, African wild dogs, ostriches, antelope, vultures, and this ox-looking thing on a small/short safari-like ride. 


I GOT TO PET A CHEETAH! It was so cool. It was on a leash and moved it head when I went to pet it. I’m just going to assume a cheetah can’t be racist but I mean…I am in South Africa so who knows.


I also bought some souvenirs for myself and Vanessa. We came back and went to dinner at this Jamaican, reggae, Bob Marley themed restaurant. Awesome menu and BANGING food. Like amazing so good. Kevan would have loved it. LOL. And Brit too.


We then went to the Internet café. I talked to Brent, Justin, and McConnell. It was good to touch base with my friends back home. I wrote a message to Russell. I got frustrated with DRDC. Normal feelings like when I am home haha.

I decided to talk to the professors today because I know tomorrow will be hard for me. Tomorrow is Reggie’s funeral. It’s weird for me to even write that. I know I’m going to cry almost all day. My heart hurts just thinking about it. I love him very much. I guess the best place to mourn is in South Africa. I just wish I was able to say goodbye and see him one more time. I know it’s so cliché for people to say that but really. Next time I go to see him it will just be a tombstone. Not his face. I can’t touch or hug him anymore. I’m trying not to cry seeing I’m lying in the bed next to Jaimie (my roommate).


Well it happened. But I’m okay now, I ran into the bathroom. I promise not to make every entry a sob session. Tomorrow probably will be but I hope I only get better. Even though I don’t ge the closure everyone else does. I really wonder how Russell is. I just want to hug him.


I am honestly too tired to even begin writing about race here right now. I’ll get to it I promise. I’m just want to got o bed at this point. I’m hurting. I’m gonna call K.J….

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