Flying in “Style”

One of my favorite subjects to discuss especially with female travelers is airplane attire. It has taken some time personally for me to find my perfect airplane attire. There’s many pieces of information to think about before figuring what to wear to fly:

1) The departing city’s weather: there’s no need to freeze or sweat while you make your way to the airport. Living in New York, I’ve had to think about how heavy of a coat do I want to wear in case I need to carry or pack it later. 

2) The arriving city’s weather: the worst feeling is walking off the plane or out the airport and instantly freezing your legs off or needing to roll up your pants before you pass out. When I went from NY to Mexico in May 2017, I was sweating bullets as I wanted for my shuttle just from wearing leggings. 

3) The airplane’s tempature: some airlines (Delta and JetBlue come to mind) keep their planes freezing cold. On top of that some airlines will charge you for a blanket (JetBlue for example). You should comfortable if you are flying for hours at a time. 

4) What you’re doing after you land: do you have time to change? Did you bring clothes in your carry on? Do you have to go immediately to a business meeting or lunch? 

Now I have debated with friends if it is best to fly comfortable or in style. A friend of mine likes to fly in long skirts or dresses. She wants to look presentable and be able do whatever when she gets off the place. Personally I believe in travel comfortably. 

If you are in the same thought process as me, here’s some pointers I’ve learned myself and/or confirmed with fellow female travelers:

A) Flying bra – a bra with no underwire (rather removed previously or a sport bra). This creates comfort and no hassle with the metal detector. 

B) Leggings/Yoga Pants: Pants in order to cover your legs but leggings are able to move with you while also thin enough to roll up with your warm. 

C) Loose T-shirt: In a world that you have to take off all outerwear, it’s good to be covered still but loose enough to be comfortable. There are times they need wand or pat you down so stay covered. 

D) Sock and Sneakers: this is non-negotiable for me personally. Since you have to take shoes off, it always makes me uncomfortable when people walk barefoot through the detector. Even if you don’t want to wear sneakers, just put on some socks. Also the air on the plane circulates well so that includes past your feet. 

E) Miminum Jewlery: its just easier to take less off and back on. I wear small earrings or easy to remove earrings (hoops). No necklaces and small rings.  

F) Hair: well this is a super touchy subject. For a Black woman with long curly hair, I always throw it up in a top bun. However on multiple occasions, they have “checked” my bun after the detector. I would advise wearing hair ties without metal. There are some underlining issues with this area but be comfortable!

G) Other Tips: bring an empty water bottle. Carry a comfortable carry-on. I prefer a bookbag or a pull suitcase (Future post coming!). Bring a light jacket than can be easily thrown in your carry-on.  

I’d love to hear some of your tips! Or things I haven’t discovered yet. Do you prefer contact lenses or glasses? What accessibility issues impact your travel clothes? What’s your view on make-up? COMMENT AWAY!

10 thoughts on “Flying in “Style”

  1. Definitely glasses. Airports seem so dirty I would hate to put him fingers in my eye with crazy dirty fingers.

    Also they have the travel pillows that can clip onto other bags which I imagine help with losing them.

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  2. I always bring a scarf to wrap around my face. You know for those times your stuck beside someone with a cough. And also because I sometimes sleep with my mouth open. No need for everyone to see that. Lol

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