How To Ensure You’re Not Out of Pocket When Travelling for Business or Pleasure

I’m trying to share golden nuggets I’ve learned from my fellow bloggers with you all. I also learned these tricks the hard way. Duly noted!


Parting with money unnecessarily is a massive bugbear of mine, even if I know in time I will get it back. It seems to be happening a lot to me lately, hotels, restaurants, bars etc. putting a hold on my card, meaning I cannot then spend the cash until the hold drops off which can take up to 10 working days if my bank is not the same as their bank. Also, as well as being a blogger I also work full-time in a corporate job, where travel is expected of me. Unfortunately nowhere far-flung or exciting, but I’m still expected to lay out my own money to cover my costs and reclaim them at a later date, again leaving me out-of-pocket. So I have therefore looked at ways that my money can stay in my account on both pleasure and business travel through the use of debit v credit…

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Roam Far and Wide with a YRoam Portable Wi-Fi Device

This is great resource from another blogger!


So the game has just changed when it comes to roaming charges in Europe following a European Commission ruling. It now means that if your mobile phone contract was taken out in one EU country, you can now use your phone – calls, texts and data, in any other EU country without it costing you anymore than your usual tariff. That’s ace isn’t it? But what if after Brexit takes place the ruling no longer applies to us Brits? What if we visit a European Country that isn’t currently a member of the EU such as Switzerland, Andorra, the Channel Islands and even the Isle of Man and get caught out? What about if we travel further afield and need access to emails, social media, google maps etc? Also, what if you travel with a tablet or laptop and need access to it on the move when there isn’t a…

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