Well y'all in one of the many groups I'm a part of  (Travel Bloggers Club), we have been challenged to blog everyday the month of October. EVERY DAY?! Sounds hard but I'm going to try to do it. Because I care and want to share more of my stories, journal entries, and advice with you … Continue reading Blogtober??

Where is home? (Part 1)

A Drifter must start somewhere... I realize that in a blog about travel and life, people want to get to know the blogger. And no matter where I travel to, there is obviously a place I call home. Now a wise man reminded me “Home is where the heart is”. For me, home has been … Continue reading Where is home? (Part 1)

The Perfect Bathing Suit: Part 2

For all my fellow chubby travelers, we know the stress and pressure of finding a good bathing suit. Particularly one that is best for laying out, absorbing the sun and as I like to call it: “Collecting all the melanin I can”. This year, I decided to go out in a limb. In the new … Continue reading The Perfect Bathing Suit: Part 2

The Perfect Bathing Suit: Story 1

Now this is a topic that many, many women I know fret about leading into a vacation. The hardest thing is finding a bathing suit that is flattering but also practical for what you are doing. Are you swimming in the ocean? Make sure you boobs don’t fall out! Are you laying out to tan? … Continue reading The Perfect Bathing Suit: Story 1

Journal Entries

One of the reasons I felt so secure about writing a blog is that I have been journaling about my travels for quite a while. Now I haven’t journaled for every trip I’ve taken but for the most part I have some great memories, feelings, fears, etc written out in a book not to be … Continue reading Journal Entries

Goal 5: 5 European countries in ONE trip

The last goal is possible I’m pretty sure. It will take serious discipline research and courage. Oh and money.   Goal 5 See 5 European countries in one trip The hardest thing about this goal is that I haven’t been to Europe at all. I’ve never even started planning a trip there. I feel that … Continue reading Goal 5: 5 European countries in ONE trip

Goal 4: Visit 5 African Countries

Part of my identity that I haven’t divulged yet is that I am African-American…or just Black as I like to say. As part of a long history of being separated from my ancestor’s stories, I declared the fourth goal:   Goal 4 Visit at least 5 countries of the African continent Better known as the … Continue reading Goal 4: Visit 5 African Countries