My first flight: September 2001

It is so interesting to ask any travel lover "When and where was your first flight?" Some people have been flying since they were a child. Babies flying back and forth. Some remember their flight as a child or going on vacation with family. My first flight ever happened at the most interesting time. My first … Continue reading My first flight: September 2001

Home Sweet Home Part 3: New Jersey

Before I even get into this post….IF YOU ARE A NEW JERSEY HATER, JUST SKIP THIS POST. Just don’t even bother. I do not understand the hate. I don’t understand the jealousy. I don’t understand the distrust. HOWEVER, this article is a love letter to New Jersey so just go away if you don’t agree. … Continue reading Home Sweet Home Part 3: New Jersey

Home Sweet Home Part 2: Delaware

Dela what? Dela-who? DELA-WHERE!!! In August of 2005, a young impressionable 18 year old woman moved into a very small single room at the University of Delaware. Little did she know that her life was to change…. When I moved to Delaware, I was well aware that I was moving far enough from home that … Continue reading Home Sweet Home Part 2: Delaware

Where is home? (Part 1)

A Drifter must start somewhere... I realize that in a blog about travel and life, people want to get to know the blogger. And no matter where I travel to, there is obviously a place I call home. Now a wise man reminded me “Home is where the heart is”. For me, home has been … Continue reading Where is home? (Part 1)